Hello, my name is Jordi Puigdefàbregas and I'm nettle-man. We, the nettle-men work on the research, elaboration and aplication of plant extracts, so, we manage the health of plants by taking advantage of the resources that they themselves give us. We prefer to stimulate its biological functions (and those of the soil too), restore balances, and not so much the fight with its enemies. When I realised that the 90% of the effects of the defense of a plant comes from its comunication with the surrondings I opted to work on the stimulation of the plant's defensive system in fact of attack herbivours, even if they are funghus, insects or other animals. By that way the product (fruits, whine, etc) goes out winning in taste and conservation.

Of course we need a rich and complexe environement, if we have not that that comunication is lower. That is why I also put professional attention in weeds, in the wonderfull live of the subsoil and the auxiliary fauna.


I offer you these services:

  • I advise and design plantations in agricultural farms, in gardening and green spaces.
  • I manage biologically crops and green areas: I implement and monitor useful fauna, adventitious vegetation, microorganisms ... I handle these energies with vegetable extracts.
  • I prepare "a la carte" vegetable formulations and I also offer them at www.ortigaamiga.com. For large orders I offer the possibility to work up my teas at the place, so that will save customer and environmental transportation costs.
  • I train professionals specially in the vinicole zones of Catalonia and Aragon.



Thanks for the visit!



Salix daphnoides & Equisetum hyemale in the shady corners of Pyrenees.